Fat man on scale

Imagine a world where the adventurous spirit of Pokémon GO meets a dedicated mission to enhance the lives of veterans through physical activity and community engagement. Welcome to Voluntold, a groundbreaking app designed to foster well-being and camaraderie among veterans through a gamified fitness journey.

Fat to fit stick figures

Voluntold leverages the potential of wearable technology to track vital fitness metrics: daily step count and heart rate during workouts. Users are Voluntold for daily fitness missions, earning points through walking challenges and heart-pumping workouts.

Veteran rising

Veterans can craft and personalize their avatars, representing them in a digital space that mirrors their fitness achievements in the real world. The app nurtures a spirit of community and teamwork, enabling users to form squads, compete in challenges, and ascend leaderboards together.

Community stick figures

Voluntold is more than a game; it’s a movement towards better health and stronger community bonds. By promoting physical activity and exploration, we aim to enhance the well-being of veterans, offering an engaging and beneficial platform to stay active and connected.